CPOE conference 2024 Romania

Inspiration for change/Moving forward together in faith was the title of our conference in June in Cluj. About 100 people joined our conference, coming from 9 different countries. East and West met each other and reflected on how we are contributing together to strengthening people in Central and Eastern Europe. We were inspired by stories of change, felt united in faith, learnt about (new) ways of working and learnt that together we can have more impact.

Our platform

CPOE, in English Christian Platform Eastern Europe, is a platform based in the Netherlands with 40 members who partner with churches and organisations in Central and Eastern Europe in reducing poverty and strengthening local capacity.

Together we are committed to contribute to fundamental change in the lives of people – families, older people, men, women and children – that live in poverty and vulnerable situations, and of the society – institutions, churches, school, governments.

Our platform promotes mutual learning, facilitates in exchange of experience and expertise and values the voice of partners in Central and Eastern Europe and the marginalized people that they work with.

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